Dean Kelly



Kelly Manning

Chief Operations Officer


Charles Fishman

Clinical Director


Trevor Lowe

Financial Controller


Adam Tibbotts

Programme Manager

Supported Bail
Vocational Mentoring
Korowai Mentoring


Roxana Taurima

Programme Manager

Care & Therapy


Stephen Cairns

People & Culture Manager


Jocelyn Rhind-Hira

Programme Manager, Tracker Minder


Katrina Misa

Programme Manager, Kaitiaki Residential


Rachael Page

Cultural Advisor/Kaumatua


Governing Board

Beven Gray

An executive consultant, Bevan works with organisational leaders, supporting successful execution of their business strategy through the alignment of their strategy, structure, culture and people. A former professional rugby player, Bevan is married with one child.

Aimee Bourke

With a background rich in public relations, Aimee currently manages the Provider Networks Contracts team at Southern Cross Health. Married with two children, Aimee has interests in health, education and community initiatives.

Peter Bruell

Retired after a successful business career, Peter now supports of a range of charities covering health, education and the arts. Peter is married with two adult children and three wonderful grandchildren.

Lewis Holden

Holding a Master’s degree in Public and Private Management, Lewis is currently State Services Deputy Commissioner and has held senior roles across a range of Government Departments. Lewis is married with three children.

Sally Natan

With a successful background in Psychotherapy, Sally has worked as a therapist in both public and private practice. Sally is married with two children and lives on 5 ½ acres on Waiheke Island.

Dr. Julia Peters

A registered medical practitioner, Julia is currently Clinical Director of the Auckland Regional Public Health Service. Having held numerous governance roles, Julia believes strongly in the values, aspirations and kaupapa of Reconnect.