Reconnect Kaitiaki Residential Programme

The Reconnect Kaitiaki Residential Programme consists of two group homes for young male clients. These homes are based in Northcote and Otara.

How do young people get placed in the group homes?

Placements to the Kaitiaki group homes are co-ordinated by Child Youth & Family.
Child Youth & Family has a Youth Placement Co-ordinator, based at MSD Regional Office, who determines and reviews placements Monday – Friday.

The Youth Placement Co-ordinator considers young people for placement dependent on their age, custody status, risks, behaviour and the dynamics with other young people in the home.

When the young person is placed after hours (including weekends), their placement is reviewed on the next working day.

What happens if I find a young person who has absconded?

If a young person who has absconded from a home is located, Child Youth & Family needs to be contacted (058 326459) (0800 FAMILY) so that they can review the situation and make arrangements for placement.

Young people cannot be returned or placed directly at the houses. These placements must be arranged by a CYF Social Worker.

Who can be placed in the Group homes?

Placement at the group homes is prioritized for child offenders, and young people in Youth Justice custody under s235 or 238(1) (d).

What happens when a young person absconds?

The staff will follow the young person (if possible), while notifying Police of the abscond, and attempt to convince them to return.

Staff are not able to restrain or use physical means to stop a young person absconding (only when there’s a risk of harm to themselves or others).

If the young person is successful in absconding, the house will call the Police and Child Youth & Family to notify of the missing person, and will complete the missing person’s report as soon as possible.

As these homes are for emergency placements, the bed may not be held for the missing young person.

What should I do if I am transporting a young person to one of the Group Homes?

If a young person needs to be placed at either Northcote or Otara homes after hours, Child Youth & Family may ask you to assist with transporting then to the placement (once confirmed).

In this case, it would be helpful if you can assist the specific group home by staying for a short period of time to assist with the admission process. This process will include the group home staff explaining the rules of the home and taking any contraband off them (cell phone, cigarettes, and lighters) and also storing away belongings.

The above actions greatly decrease the risk of the young person absconding immediately or other incidents.

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