Outcomes of Reconnect Tracker/Minder Programme

Available 24/7, Tracker/Minder is our new minding service for young people referred through Child, Youth and Family (CY&F). Based on one-to-one minding provided through a police and CY&F-checked professional youth worker, the service supervises and cares for young people in a wide range of circumstances, including supervised contact, doctors and hospital visits, court appearances, and emergency residence staffing across Auckland.

Developed to meet overflow needs and assist referral agencies where necessary, the Tracker/Minder service offers a central point of communication between the young person and their relevant stakeholders. The Tracker/Minder coordinator offers a central point of contact, updating CY&F on any important incidents in accordance with their policies and procedures. The service’s one-hour response rate ensures swift action is taken in emergencies or incidences of high need. Regular professional development of the service’s youth workers also maintains a high standard of care and protection in risky circumstances.

The ease of the Tracker/Minder service is also a benefit. Regardless of the time of day or night, a flat rate of $28 per hour is charged for each youth worker (excepting public holidays). Youth workers are available for any context desired, whether in a public institution, family home, court or activity, or as a reliever for a CY&F contracted home. Supervised Access to family homes or gatherings can be arranged, with the youth worker acting as the supervisor. Transportation for the young person to and from locations is also provided through the service, with a mileage fee for any extended travel or Reconnect vehicles used.

The Tracker/Minder service offers a one-stop alternative to CY&F-directed staffing, minding or emergency needs, where the young person is at risk or in need of care and protection.

One-on-one minding, centralised communication and services designed for a wide range of circumstances make the service easy to use and reliable to employ.

The Tracker/Minder service was officially launched on 22 June 2016 and is enjoying the early stages of its development.

Tracker / Minder Contact Details

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