Reconnect Processes

We take pride in the extensive training and processes followed in each of our programmes. Adhering to protocol and procedures outlined by Child, Youth and Family (CY&F) and the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), our organisation is held to Results-Based Accountability (RBA) metrics, which set goals, benchmarks and targets around the progress of our young people. Alongside regular supervision and internal and external training updates, we are committed to providing dedicated, knowledgeable staff that can offer quality care and protection across a wide array of circumstances. We are accountable to our stakeholders and referral agencies and strive to provide the best standards of care in all situations.

A commitment across all of our programmes to one-on-one communication and the inclusion of the wider whanau is also paramount. We like to go the extra mile for our young people, and encourage their whanau to be involved in achieving their future goals.


All of our current supervisors have acquired their Unitec Supervision Certificate, while 100% of staff in the clinical teams and day programmes have or will complete the following training programmes:

  • Non-violent crisis intervention
  • First Aid training

Caregiver Selection

All house parents on our Kaitiaki Residential programme and caregivers within Care & Therapy and Caregiver Support Service are taken through a robust selection process, where around 4% of all total applicants are accepted. These processes include, but are not limited to:

  • Six-week caregiver inductions
  • Non-violent crisis intervention training
  • Encouragement to join Fostering Kids
  • Opportunities to attend expenses-paid Fostering Kids New Zealand annual conferences
  • First Aid training

Measuring Outcomes

Of paramount consideration are our young people, and our RohanaLink programme employs a number of measures to assess the best course of treatment and care. Depending on the young person, we offer the following psychometric, behavioural and lifestyle measurement systems:

  • MAYSI (mental health assessment)
  • CAFAS (child and adolescent behavioural assessment)
  • CADS (drugs and alcohol-reliance assessment)
  • Triangulation scaling (assessment of the functioning of the family as a unit)

Tikanga Māori

Although we are not a Māori organisation, Reconnect Family Services is highly respectful of Māori protocol and values, and offers consideration of these values on our Korowai Mentoring and Care & Therapy programmes.

A focus on one-on-one mentoring and clinical case management, working with the wider whanau and regular contact with our referral agencies are the pillars of Reconnect’s, and our young people’s, future success.

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