The Reconnect Family Services Approach

Many of the young people that are referred to our care have been well-known to youth justice and care and protection programmes. They often emanate from negative family dynamics, drug and alcohol abuse, and petty crime.

Reconnect’s programmes offer these young people a chance to re-build a future many believe they are incapable of achieving. We are known for taking on the most challenging of clients, not giving in easily, and healing the wider family dynamic so our young people have the best chance to follow their dreams. Our highly-trained team of mentors, youth workers, psychologist, caregivers, clinical case managers and programme managers offer a friendly face that adds value at every step of the programme.

One-on-one, face-to-face mentoring helps these young people imagine a life away from crime, violence, drug abuse and self-harm. We can house them; educate them; teach them how to cook, wash and stay off drugs; and provide them with the tools of self-reflection. Each young person has the chance on each one of our six programmes to consider another path they might take, in a safe and stable family environment.

Framework Within Which Reconnect Operates

Reconnect believes that youth problems and inappropriate behaviours are embedded within family structures, systems or relationships. Where possible, Reconnect will endeavour to assist all concerned to work out their problems within their family structure.

It is clear that family problems can have a life of their own and can be nourished by the ways in which family members respond to given behaviours. Families often have a sense of helplessness to make any changes.

It is usual, but unhelpful, for families with problems to place “the blame” on one member, often the child.

It is also believed the removal of that person will make things right. In reality, without therapeutic interventions the problem is transferred to another family member.

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