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What is a caregiver?

A caregiver is someone who has a passion for young people and wants to use their life-experience as a mum, dad, nana, koro to make a difference in a young person’s life by offering a loving home while they are on the Reconnect Care & Therapy programme (Reconnect’s residential programme). You will be working with adolescents aged 11-16 years.

Who can be a caregiver?

Anyone can become a caregiver as long as you have a heart for young people and the ability to see them reach their potential.

You will need a spare room and loads of time and patience. We prefer our young people to be the youngest in your family. You must have New Zealand citizenship, clear Police and Ministry for Vulnerable Children Oranga Tamariki checks, and have a current driving licence.

If this is you, apply now to Reconnect’s caregiver team.

Why do kids need foster care?

Children and young people need foster care for a number of reasons. Most of our young people have experienced neglect or abuse, and all have faced separation from their whanau. You can help by providing these children with a safe, secure home while our clinical team works to strengthen their families.

What do we offer our foster parents?


Reconnect values our caregivers and believes that they should be remunerated for their hard work. We offer our caregivers a generous allowance that covers the care costs of the young person as well as some extra for the work that you do.


We want to equip you with all the skills and information that you’ll need to provide great care so we pay for your time while we train you.


Parenting can be hard work. We appreciate this and offer you a willing ear in the form of fortnightly supervision, 24/7 professional phone support and monthly forums where you have the chance to get together with other caregivers.


Everyone needs a break and Reconnect offers you the opportunity to recharge your batteries with a monthly respite weekend, which does not affect your allowance.

Our team

We focus on the recruiting, training, supporting and supervising our caregivers. We recognise that caregivers are a critical factor in successful outcomes for the young people and families/whanau we work with.

Sheldene Crookes, Justine Hayes & Diana Pavic

We look after and support all our caregivers

Reconnect Caregiver Support Christmas party 2014

Reconnect Caregiver Support Christmas party 2014

Meet some of our caregivers and read what they have to say….

Mike and Antoinette

Mike and Antoinette have been working for us since 2008 under the Reconnect Care & Therapy programme. The young people that come to our programme are very troubled and at risk young people and it takes special caregivers like Mike and Antoinette to care for them.

Our caregivers need to have great patience, a non-judgmental approach, be caring, resilient, and have a great way with children. They also an understanding of the young person’s background and a great willingness to make a difference.

This couple has all these qualities and more. They go the extra mile for the young people and our organisation. They always attend any training on offer and have completed 6 out of the 11 Fostering Kids training as well as training that is compulsory to Reconnect such as Specialist Caregiving, First Aid and Non Violent Crisis Intervention. They are a valuable asset to our organisation and they have helped change the future of many young people.

Antoinette Keeve says:
“It’s been great working with Reconnect because of the work they do. We get lots of support from our supervisor and we are listened to. There is always someone to chat to, to help with any problems.

Reconnect Family Services is very professional in the way they work and with the kids. It’s the ideal placement for kids because of the way they match the client with the caregivers. Mike and I feel the family therapy aligns with the way we work within our own family.

We are always invited to attend the annual Fostering Kids conference which is funded by Reconnect. We find this is a very valuable gathering where we have met many other caregivers from around New Zealand. We find the speakers give us great ideas and insight into what children in care may be feeling.

We loved hearing Ron Marks talk about being a foster kid. The monthly forums remind us again that we are not alone with the issues the clients are bringing to our home. It is also great to talk with other caregivers within the organisation and get ideas.”

Ken and Penny

Ken and Penny Sundin have been caregivers for Reconnect’s young people since 2007. They became caregivers because of their mutual love for children and adolescents. They have been in New Zealand for the past 40 years and are of Tongan/European descent. They have a son of their own who is now 19 yrs old and has been a part of their caregiving journey with his parents.

Ken and Penny have a very calm and quiet parenting style and a great ability to bring out the best in the young people who live with them. They have fostered all ethnicities over their time with Reconnect. They have completed all eleven of the Fostering Kids trainings modules.

“It has been a challenge although we have seen several young people who have lived with us complete the programme and graduating out of the programme. Reconnect looks after us well. We love the caregiver’s job and want to continue working as long as we can because we love helping teenagers with extreme problems. The rewards are good.

There are great people in the care team and good managers who look after us well.”
Ken Sundin

Suman and Terry

Suman and Terry have been with Reconnect since 2009. They have cared for many young people over this time all of different cultures. Suman has also been working with the young people in the school as a one-on one helper and in the residential houses as a youth worker.

Both Terry and Suman have a great way of connecting with the young people and are actively involved with the running of their home and the young people in their care. They enjoy the training and have completed most of the Fostering Kids training modules.

“I have found Reconnect very supportive and it doesn’t matter how you ruffle their feathers they are always there for you. Things like if you leave a message they get straight back to you. I like the end of the year Christmas party and the thank you gift we receive for being a caregiver. I like the forums and the lunch that comes after the meeting.

I like the way Reconnect pays for us to go to the yearly Fostering Kids conference. Every time we have an accident or incident they respond straight away and follow through with whatever needs to happen. We love the fact that when we have our monthly respite we still get paid.”
Suman Dodds

Fostering kids with Reconnect Family Services

If you want to apply, please get in touch.

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